KIM List

If any of my fanlistings go up for adoption, these will be the first people i contact. ( *- Previous owner) It is always a good idea to be on my KIM list if you are seriously interested in one of my fanlistings. I have been known to skip the entire adoption process and just give fanlistings to KIM listers before. If you want to be on my list, just drop me an email and I will add you ASAP. I also suggest keeping me updated if you change URLs, as I do weed out dead links.

.Hack//: BlackRose: Seiyuuki*, & Kula.

Astrology: Leo: Jessica, & Chibi

Frozen: Anna: Veronica, & Kylie

Kingdom Hearts: Zexion: Aya*, Kari, Crystal, Yamila, Kula.

Legend of Korra, The: Korra: Chibi

Once Upon a Time: Robin Hood: Leigh Ann

Saint Seiya: Alone: Yamila.