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'Up you go with a high and ho to the stars; Beyond the blue! There's a Never land waiting for you; Where all your happy dreams come true; Every dream that you wish will come true;'

'When there's a smile in your heart; There's no better time to start; Think of all the joy you'll find; When you leave the world behind, and bid your cares goodbye! You can fly! '


  .  .  .  To (the afterglow network). Courtney's fanlisting collective. Here you can find links to all of the fanlistings i own. If you are looking for my shrines or non-fanlisting sites, please visit In the about part of the site, you can view things that are about the domain itself. Such as the current layout, hosting information, and special dates. The Fanlisting part of the site contains links to all of my fanlistings. It also contains things like my wishlist, and Keep in mind list. The Site part of the um, site contains links to all of my affiliates, links buttons and things like that. And the Index part of the site is well, this.

Navigation can be found at the very top of the layout. The italic words inside the quote can be clicked to access the other parts of the site. You are currently viewing the latest version of halo. The current layout features multiple characters from Disney artwork. Here you are greeted by the beautiful artwork of Designer Tinker Bell. The Domain section features Zarina the pirate fairy, the Fanlistings section features Zarina as well, and the Site section features Tinker Bell again. If you look hard enough, you can also find concept artwork of Rapunzel from Tangled! For more information about the layout, please visit the domain (first link) section. If you have any problems getting around the site, or if you spot any errors please feel free to email me. :)


I have joined a total of 311 fanlistings. I currently run 22 fanlistings at, and 18 fanlistings at Some of these listings are listed at both networks, or in multiple categories. I currently have 1 fanlisting on upcoming, and 2 fanlistings pending approval.


4/29/2014: I have gone through and uploaded a desperately needed new layout. This layout is almost the same as the last one, but it features a new color scheme and new images. It is a whole lot brighter, and I think it has a fresher look. I really liked the style of the old layout, which is why I recycled it for this one. In other news, I am considering letting this domain expire and moving everything over to a new one. Nothing has been decided yet, but it is on the table.