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Navigation can be found on your left. You are currently viewing the latest version of Halo. The current layout features the Ren family from the anime and manga series Magi, with some song lyrics from Golden Days by Panic! At the Disco. For more information about the layout, please visit the domain section. If you have any problems getting around the site, or if you spot any errors please feel free to email me. :)


I have joined 331 fanlistings. I own 6 fanlistings between both networks, with 0 upcoming and 0 pending approval. A total of 626 fans have joined my combined fanlistings. The collective was last updated on 6/29/2016.


6/29/2016: A new layout has been uploaded. This layout was designed to sort of mirror the layout I have up on If you're a fan of Magi and familiar with Hakuryuu's background, you'll understand what I'm getting at. Most pages have been updated as well, including my wishlist and exit pages. Many very small revisions have been made, but nothing of importance.